Chania bay

Spend the whole day (8 hour trip) inside Chania bay, with skipper and snacks, wine,    refreshments

Sunset trip

Chania Sunset

4 hour sunset trip with champagne and fruits


The beach of Menies near chania in crete

Menies or Diktynna is located 45km northwest of Chania, on the northeastern shores of Cape Rodopos and at the exit of Foundas Gorge. It is a lovely secluded beach with pebbles and deep crystal blue waters. It is not affected by the usual winds blowing in the area and is ideal for isolation, far away from urban centers. Menies is located on the site of ancient Diktynna. Diktynna was the most important temple of the goddess Vritomartis, which is believed to be goddess Artemis. Thousands worshippers used to come in the area from all over the island. Vritomartis was worshiped here during the Hellenistic and Roman times. There are still a few remains of the ancient Roman temple, but remains of the Hellenistic temple have not been found.


The beach of Macharida in Tersanas Chania

The tiny beach of Machairida is located 14km northeast of Chania and 1km west of the village Chorafakia, hidden in a rocky bay. The beach is named after the rocky cape in its north end that reminds of a knife (“machairi” means “knife” in Greek). According to another version, it is named after the flower Gladiolis italicus that is called “machairida” in Greek.The bay faces southwest and is almost always calm. A stunning little beach with white sand and turquoise water is shaped in the center of the bay, surrounded by amazing rocks. The water here is deep and clear due to the currents changing directions several times a day which recycle the water.


Thodorou Island

Τhe island of Thodorou is located in the bay of Chania, just a few miles to the north west of the port of Chania. The island is a nature reserve and it is therefore forbidden to go ashore, except that is for one day a year (8 June), when visitors are allowed to take the path to the church and back in order to worship. The church and the island take their names from Agios Theodori, their patron saint. Venetians turned the island into a fortress with two castles to reinforce its defences against the threat of pirates and a Turkish invasion. All to no avail however, as when the Turkish did come in 1645, and the Venetian Captain saw the size of their invasion fleet, he knew he couldn't possibly fight off such a massive attack and he promptly blew up both of the castles rather than letting them fall into enemy hands. Thodorou's main purpose today is a designated place of safety and protection for its wildlife. The animals under its protection are the famous Kri-Kri goats, or the Cretan ibex. They are an endangered species, found nowhere else in the world apart from on the island of Crete. Their numbers became dangerously low after the Second World War when they had been hunted by mountain guerillas for food. Later their dwindling numbers were further threatened by illegal poachers. Although hunting them is strictly prohibited, they are still considered to be vulnerable and still suffer from poaching.